Monday, April 27, 2009

Caillianne- April 27, 2009

Jacket- Vintage Yellow (no label) jacket from Toronto
Shirt- Vintage Ishyu floral shirt from Toronto
Jeans- Yellow H&M denim jeans from NYC
Shoes- Vintage Allure shoes from Marmalade Vintage store in NYC
Rings- Vintage from Grandmother
Bag- From Browns in Toronto
Pin- Vintage Cherry Pin from Mom
Belt-Woven Belt from Chicos in Florida (got it when I was 10 years old!)

The Look: Chiquita Banana + Starburst Candy

Fun Fact: These shoes are indestructible! I always wear these when I'm going to a dive bar because it doesn't matter if people step on them or spill drinks. Our Pomeranian Marni even chewed on them as a puppy! Its always fab to find a pair of vintage shoes that can hold up! Pin It Now!


Gia said...

For some reason this also says to me Beautiful Dolly Parton! You gals are so hot! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I adore this look, do you have some bigger pictures? I want to add them to my fashion inspiration collection..