Saturday, April 11, 2009

Samantha- April 11, 2009

Jacket- Ungaro from Vintage Couture (
Striped top- H&M longsleeve
Jeans- Forever 21
Belt- Vintage Sailor belt from a store in Miami (got it 15 years ago and its still in!)
Shoes- Vintage Giraudon from a Vintage store called Atomic Passion in NYC
Scarf- YSL star scarf worn in hair

The Look: Nautical + Popeye

Fun Fact: When purchasing this belt the sales person (at the cash register) offered me money to buy the belt back from me while I was paying. She said that she didn't see it on the floor and wanted it for herself. It was really funny and strange! But look who ended up with it! Pin It Now!

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