Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chloe- April 15, 2009

Corset- This is from our Beckerman Fall 2005 Collection called "Dont Worry Be Happy" and it has worrry dolls all over the cups of it!
Sweater- Plaid sweater with label called Sportswear Sweater from a Vintage store on Queen Street called Brava Vintage in Toronto
Skirt- Beckerman Skirt from our Fall 2006 Collection called "Beckerman Manor"
Necklace- Vintage from Chelsea Flea Market
Black Tights
Shoes- Etro
Bag- Handmade Doll from our Beckerman Fall 2005 Collection " Don't Worry Be Happy"

The Look: Guatemala + School Girl + Heathers

Fun Fact: I got these shoes last year on my Birthday at the Etro Store in Woodbury Commons Outlet! Amazing Place! Pin It Now!


kelleyd said...

Ahhhh, the corset is genius! I'm, like, having a conniption, it's so good!

Eli said...

I find myself liking this look quite a bit!

Nikki said...

My FAVOURITE piece from 2005! The worry doll corset!

I had forgotten all about how obsessive it is!