Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caillianne- April 30, 2009

Dress- Beckerman dress from Spring 06 with vintage feather pin
Jacket- Vintage YSL got it from Housing works
Sunglasses- Vintage from 74th and Columbus Flea Market
Shoes- Converse from David Z in NYC
Dog- Cubby Pomeranian.. CUTE!

The Look: Runaway Bride + Miss Piggy

Fun Fact: I just watched the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and thought it would be fun to be an 80's Runaway Bride and I wore my favourite color PINK! Pin It Now!


loveroffashion said...

Were you the girls that cleaned out that YSL sale at Housing Works? I remember reading about that sale, and reading that some gal pretty much cleaned house.

I so wish I was up there for that sale!!

Beckerman Girls said...

We wish we bought more!!! We bought 3 jackets that day and a pair of resort pants! Such a great sale!! WOW!xoxox

samantha said...

very stevie nicks.
this blog is so smart and cute!
i have a blog too, feel free to lookk.