Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Samantha- April 15, 2009

Top- Vintage Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt from Ebay
Crinoline- By Romeo Gigli '97 from Giorgio Femme in Toronto
Belt- Dolce and Gabanna SEX Belt from Century 21 in NYC
Tights- Lace tights from H+M
Knee Socks- Navy from H+M
HairBand- Studio Sample couture headband from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Boots- Bess Studded Boots in NYC
Earrings- Star and Moon sterling earrings from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto (on weekends)
Bag- Marc Jacobs
Rings- Vintage and from Grandmother
Lipstick- Edward Bess (smells like figs and stays on- had to mention it cause it's obsessive!)-the color is "Eternal Passion"

The Look: The movie 16 Candles + London Punk + Disneyland

Fun Fact: This is the second Mickey Mouse sweatshirt we have purchased from Ebay, the first one was labelled size 6 on the internet but when we received it it was bite size--it was a BABY SWEATSHIRT!hahaha Pin It Now!


Gia said...

I have this sweatshirt, but it has never looked so FABOOOO!!! I love your blog!


Valerie said...

love the look it this cute retro punk girl from the 80's some sorte love it
check and coments add/follow
love your 2009 collection