Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Caillianne- April 14, 2009

Jacket- Pink Ultra suede- Vintage Halston from the Chelsea Flea Market
Dress- Vintage (no Label) from Chelsea Flea Market
Tights- Beckerman Spring 2005 Bobble tights
Necklace- Vintage 1950 link pink and purple chain from the Bayview Village Heritage Antique Show
Other Necklace- I found this vintage Doll hand from the Paris Flea Market and I put it on a chain
Bag- Vintage coin purse from 1910. I got it from the Bayview Village Antique show this past weekend
Shoes- Vintage Victorian shoes. They dont have a lable because they are too old. They are from around the 1900's. They are from Edith Machinist in NYC
Pins- Vintage Pink Cameo and diamond studded hanger- Got it from a fabulous vintage vendor named Shirley. She is usually at the Murray Hill flea Market or the one uptown in the school around 56th street and 1st ave on the weekend in NYC
Bracelets- Vintage Bug lucite bracelet and Vintage Pink Ivory Bracelet from Bayview Village Heritage Market

The Look: Valley of the Dolls + 1950's + Virgin Suicides

Fun Fact: These tights were part of our thesis graduating collection from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The collection was called "Birthday Girl" and we had a blast doing it! These tights took about 1 week to make because I needed to knit them and then sew them in! Pin It Now!

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Unknown said...

i love those tights! glad to see you brought them out again!!

totally loving your blog btw, so many great outfits i don't even know where to begin to comment!!