Sunday, April 12, 2009

Caillianne- April 12, 2009

Sweater- Vintage got it from Hell's Kitchen Flea market in NYC
Camisole- Black silk cami my Mom gave it to me
Shorts- Dries Van Noten (there are 2 shorts in one!)They are from his Fall 2006 collection.
Tights- Chanel logo tights (oldschool-from when Amber Valleta and Shalom wore it in their campaigns)
Shoes- Helmut Lang
Necklace- Vintage silver scissors necklace
Bag- Vintage Chanel
Robot on Bag- Prada robot our godmother gave to us
Bracelet- Vintage Button Bracelet from Vinnie's in the Hamptons

The Look: Editor + Sid and Nancy

Fun Fact: I bought those Chanel tights when I was 14year old in Naples Florida Chanel Boutique. I had saved up for them and it was the only thing I could afford in the store! Pin It Now!

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